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Hi, my name is Tony!

 I am a master level electrician that loves to make my customers happy!  What I have learned from my trade is that it is all about serving people.  Whether it’s an emergency “fix it” call or installing an EV charging station, at the end of the day my job is to make the lives of my customers better.  In today’s world, access to safe and efficient energy systems is what drives a happy home or office.  In some cases it even drives our vehicles!  It’s truly an exciting time be an electrician as so many aspects of our daily lives are dependent on reliable and affordable energy.  From renewable energy to the latest in smart-home technology, there are increasingly more innovative ways that electrical services can maximize our living and work spaces.  My favorite part about my job is to identify new options for home/business owners that they may not have been aware of.  It’s so fun to see how an electrical solution can transform the quality of someone’s daily life!

I started my business, Edge Electric, so that I could be free to bring the best customer experience to an electrical service call. Generally speaking customers are not given the red carpet treatment when it comes to doing business with contractors.  I wanted to make a difference within the industry by providing my clients with the best information, products and electrical services possible.  Gaining a customer’s trust is my true goal.

Away from my business, I am happy to call myself a family man.  I try to keep up with my college-aged son and drink tea with my grammar school-aged daughter.  In my spare time, my wife is gracious enough to let me ride my bicycle. 

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