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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Not enough power for that new electrical car charger or hot tub? Need to sell your home with an updated panel? We can help you with all the power you need for all of your special projects.

Home Energy Monitors

Have you ever wondered how your home uses its energy when you open up your electricity bill? Home energy monitors help you keep track of your energy usage so you can fine tune your energy use and save money!

Lighting & Ceiling Fans

Outdated lights, curious about LEDs, rooms too hot? Edge Electric can install your new lights to give your rooms a face lift and save you money on your power bill.

Plugs & Receptacles

Are you tired of all the phone/tablet transformers clogging up your wall plugs? Want to make your older home safer or do you need power for your new washer & dryer? We got you covered; we can swap out existing plugs for USB charging plugs and declutter your lifestyle, place GFCI plugs in the areas they belong and upgrade your old wiring and plug systems to accommodate modern washers & dryers!

Switches & Dimmers

Lights too bright, worn out dingy/dirty switches, need a switch where there isn’t one now? We can replace that old hardware out with fresh, new ones or upgrade to dimmers, smart switches or new locations!


Safety is a priority for your home and there are exciting, affordable products on the market these days. Whether it’s a video/doorbell unit to a holistic surveillance system for your property, we can install the equipment of your choice.

Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Have the peace of mind that your home is updated on its first line of defense! Edge Electric can install smoke & CO2 detectors that will protect your most valuable asset — your family!

Appliance & Water Heater

Do you need a new circuit for your water heater? Did you just purchase the new range of your dreams only to find out that your electrical system won’t work with it? We can fix that problem for you so you can enjoy your home!

Heating & Cooling Systems

Are you getting a new furnace or HVAC or mini-split system? We can run the circuits needed to help you stay comfortable in your home all year long!

Surge Protection

Did you know that a power surge can destroy your stuff? Protect your valuable electronics and appliances with a new surge protection device from Edge Electric. It’s a simple fix to gain some peace of mind!

Hot Tub Wiring

Getting a new hot tub? Congratulations! Edge Electric can hook you up with the proper and safe wiring necessary to run that new tub correctly so you can hurry up and start relaxing!

Electrical System Repairs

Flickering lights, plugs not working, circuit breaker tripping? We can diagnose and troubleshoot all types of electrical problems; we are here to help!

Renovations & Additions

Kitchens, Baths, Home Offices, 3 rd bedroom, Garage, “She-Shed”… you name it, we can wire any new addition attached or unattached to your current structure. We guarantee our work, use top-quality products and always think safety first!

EV Charging Stations

EV cars are amazing! Except when you drive it home and try to charge it up. We can help you determine if your home’s electrical system can facilitate your new ride and if not, help you upgrade your existing system.

Smart Home / Automation

Sooo many cool smart home products! If you’re dreaming of a how smart home technology can enhance your lifestyle, but not sure about the electrical part, give us a call. We can hook you up with the power you need to enjoy your home!

Electrical System Facelift

Tired of your dingy, discolored, worn-out switches and plugs? We can give your rooms an electrical “facelift” with clean, contemporary devices. And just like any other device in your home, electrical panels need check-ups too. We can tune-up your electrical panel by checking for loose connections and signs of other problems.

Generator Systems

Worried about not being able to run your well pump or losing all of the frozen meat in your freezer during a power outage? Don’t be left in the dark! Invest in a generator system from Edge Electric and all you have to do is flip a switch when the power goes out!